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Seasons of Change

The featured image is my curled parsley, a mammoth plant next to a few others that actually took off and grew this winter. There are a few herbs I’ve never grown well in Florida and lo, and behold, all they seem to have needed is the right season.

Three varieties of Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Dill, and Oregano….all stunted, bolted, and dry in the spring, summer, and fall, found their glory in the winter. Who knew?

Probably a bunch of real gardeners, that’s who.

I’m going through some changes too. I’m working full time outside of the house for the first time in 20 years, launching 2 of my kids- one as expected and one too abruptly for comfort- and closed my freelance business. I’m re-positioning my time, attitudes, resources, and energies into the way life has changed this year, the way I expect it to need to be for the next several, and the way I want it to be when the next page turns.

I’m giving myself some stuff too.

  • I’m making my writing dream the recipient of the web-business knowledge I’ve accrued over the years.
  • To the start of every business day, I give to my writing practice my first energy, my first hour.
  • In order to devote time to craft, I’m giving my commute: an hour or two spent each day in the car.
  • Under, “if you build it, they will come”, I’m giving my business website to my name, to my hopes that one day I’ll have books in print and platform to promote them.
  • I made my movie and food reviews public, as well as my more writerly status updates, because its time to be brave and put my writing out there again.

I’m investing in my dream by taking action steps. Like the parsley planted  in a different season that took of when the elements were right, I hope my words do the same.

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