Work With Me

There are multiple ways to work with me.


This is your chance to ask me the questions that are too long for DMs– an “Ask Me Anything” about fundamentalism, writing, relationships, religious trauma, Mom advice—you name it, we can probably talk about it. Book your 30 minute spot.


SHINE Coaching is for anyone seeking coaching support as they reclaim their experiences after fundamentalist influence. Sessions are currently closed. Be sure you’re signed up for updates on further developments and for SHINE the Newsletter.


Contribute to a series of stories I’m collecting on ordinary activists who work to make an impact where they can. Activism is not one-size-fits-all. Share how you’re making a difference within your footprint against fundamentalist oppression. Interviews are shared in email and on Instagram stories.


I offer writers, artists, makers, and coaches marketing and platform guidance. Want to know what’s missing? Want help diagnosing what’s not working with your platform? I can help. I bring my corporate experience in marketing, project management, UX, and creative direction to you in the form of Platform Audits, Content & Campaign Strategy Sessions, group classes, self-guided courses and one-off consultations. Want to start being more strategic immediately? Grab my free pdf, the PLATFORM POP.


I also offer insight and guidance to those grappling with the impacts of high-control religion. I’d love to be on your podcast for a connective conversation about these topics and more. Connect with me on social media to get started.

Looking for a source to quote for an article or byline? I’ll help you out as a Subject Matter Expert. Book with me here and if you don’t see a spot that works, feel free to drop me an email.

Yes, I’m interested in speaking at your event, either on Zoom or in person. DM me on social or email me and we’ll get going on the details.