Religious Trauma Resources

Religious Trauma is deeply distressing damage caused by authoritarian and dogmatic indoctrination of practices that result in feelings of terror, helplessness, horror. These repressive religious environments are often coupled with emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse. The traumatic impact is long-lasting and invasive, altering the trajectory of emotional development and the social functioning of an otherwise healthy person.

Leaving the flock adds enormous stress, as well as feelings of abandonment and alienation. The adjustment to a new life without their social system can be a shock. Sheltered people who’ve been taught to fear the secular world often struggle to find the independent thinking, confidence, and resilience needed to rebuild their lives.

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Find support and information on Religious Trauma:

Find a trauma-informed therapist

Finding a good therapist is key to the healing journey. And note… “Christian counseling” is not the same as licensed and trauma-informed therapy. The Center for Trauma Resolution and Recovery is an excellent resource for therapy and coaching.

My Favorite Religious Trauma & Trauma-Healing Reads:

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