No one knows the inside of Christian Fundamentalism like a wife who lived it. I share the nitty-gritty realities, untangle coded language, and turn the tables on my fundie mentors. My videos on what it’s really like to live in Christian Fundamentalism are on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. My hope is to create content that educates, promotes trauma healing, and supports those who have loved ones in fundamentalism.

Here’s a directory by topic.

Fundie Fundamentals:

Christian Fundamentalism:

The Duggars and 19 Kids and Counting

Falling Into Fundamentalism

Bill Gothard – the Institute of Basic Life Principles

Things My Gothard Fundie Mentors Said I Could Skip to Have a Quiverfull


Call It What It Is: the Definitions Series

Grosser Than Gross: Fundy Style

Red Flag Alerts

The Real Housewives of Christian Fundamentalism

Sunday School Stories

The Human Experience

Big Scandals & Documentaries

Reproductive Rights

Instagram LIVE resources for healing: