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My Work

My memoir, A Well-Trained Wife: My Escape from Christian Patriarchy, releases with St. Martin’s Press on August 6th, 2024. You can find my work on religious trauma and church-sanctioned abuse here:

I also have a religious horror novel underway and a romantic comedy (albeit with some darker religious overtones) screenplay in progress.

My fiction favors magical realism and contemporary fantasy, with sub-genre dashes of romance, horror, and sci-fi. I like stories that trigger wonder and curiosity; the strange, unusual, and nuanced. I gravitate to female protagonists who challenge the paradigm and discover their agency, assertiveness, and power.

Other work:

I am also the co-author of Plotting Your Novel with The Plot Clock, with Joyce Sweeney and Jamie Morris. Our forward was written by Ryan G. Van Cleave.

My short story, Tertullian’s Law, placed third in the 2018 Short Story Project’s contest. It’s about an expectant mother in a state that grants personhood at conception and protects the child’s rights over those of their mother. Under another title and further developed, it was a 2020 finalist in the Cinematic Short Story Contest.

If you’re looking for examples of my freelance work, my resume and work samples are available on request. Check me out on LinkedIn.

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