Christian Fundamentalism Guest Expert

I escaped high-control religion, healed from religious trauma, and now share the realities of what it’s really like living in the Christian Fundamentalism influencing our culture and headlines today. I believe the Christian patriarchy wants to run our country the way they run their homes ––which is why it’s so important we understand how they live.

As a Christian Fundamentalist guest expert, I bring the human context and real-life perspective to news and human-interest stories related to:

  • anti-abortion bills
  • book bans
  • travel restrictions for women
  • religious freedom
  • gender roles and definitions
  • high control religious groups
  • evangelical Christian cults
  • traditional lifestyles (aka “trad”)
  • anti-feminist conservatism

I’m available as a guest expert on your podcast or news segment, interview and research source, and as a fundie SME for your film or book project. Media and PR inquiries: