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Fit Writers: Real Things That Happened to Me On OptaVia

I snuck fruit one day and it tasted like nectar of the gods.

My body has so fully adjusted to being fed every 2.5 hours that if I’m late, my cells can be heard screaming for food and water fuel.

I found low-carb pizza called Real Good Pizza in the freezer section and on days when I can’t cook and hello– want pizza with my family– I can tear it into like the guiltless happy beast that I am.

I found my face again. Feels like time travel.

I miss mindless eating that kept my hands and mouth busy. Apparently, I used to do a lot of this. Quantities in the form of popcorn with butter and lots of salt. There have been moments when I want a giant ball pit of popcorn. A bubble bath of popcorn.

I do regularly sneak a few fries from my kids on the regular because I am not trying to live a potato-free life. Some deep Viking spirit within me reminds me of this daily.

But mostly, lean and green is simply that and I love it. Just about the time I get sick of bagged snack food, it’s time to eat the real meal and damn, does that ever feel indulgent and good.

When I got sick and couldn’t eat plan food, I ate plan-friendly food on the same time schedule and didn’t gain.

Meals really are fuelings in my mind now. I can feel the difference they make to my entire system and if I want that good stuff, I gotta eat that good stuff on time.

I’m starting to lose my second butt. You know the dangly bit that starts to sag after 40?

My tastebuds have adjusted to the fuelings.

My coach, who started OptaVia in January and who had the same health and weight profile as I did, posted a photo on her anniversary in a teeny bikini. She has notable abs. She’s older than me by a little but looks younger than me by a lot.

Since I’m not eating or drinking my feelings anymore, I’ve had to actually deal with them again. This is helping me set better boundaries because I’m more aware of the toll it takes to put myself last.

I impulse buy in the grocery store a lot less now because most of it is not for me and my hunger is regulated so I’m not craving any of it. That helps pay for my monthly box as well.

This was last week’s update. The photo on the left was in May and I looked that same way in June. I started OptaVia June 28. The photo on the right was taken July 26.

If you’d like to read more about why I started OptaVia, everything else I tried before this last ditch effort before giving up and just letting myself get as big as my body seemed to want to be, and what the first month was like,  click on the category and it will load those posts. If you’d like to get updates as I go, click subscribe below. I post about once a week.




  1. Sara

    September 5, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    I loved reading your first two Optavia posts and am eager for any more. Have I missed them somehow?
    Sara (Donna’s sister-in-law)

    1. Tia Levings

      September 16, 2018 at 11:14 pm

      Hi! I try to link to all the others in each post and there’s also a category for OptaVia in the sidebar. I think there are at least 5 posts up. Another way to be sure to not miss them is to subscribe so they come to your email inbox.

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