Favorite Podcasts

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Podcasts I’ve appeared on: 

The Not Nosy Podcast, by Rebecca Carter



The Everyday Novelist


Human Interest:

You Made it Weird, by Pete Holmes


The Armchair Expert, by Dax Shepherd


On Creative Thought:

Magic Lessons, by Elizabeth Gilbert. “Road maps for the path to creativity”. I listened at night and woke up the next day newly inspired every time.


On Spirituality and Meditation:

The Robcast, by Rob Bell

On Being, by Krista Tippett. I found her conversations on the big meaning of life at a time when I really needed to broaden my definition of “church” and “spirituality”. Her interviews never fail to open a new neural footpath in my brain; without fail I ruminate on what I’ve heard for days. The result of listening is greater curiosity, understanding, and self-acceptance despite imperfection.

Meditation Mini’s, by Chel Hamilton. These are billed as meditation podcasts for crazy-busy people, of which I certainly am one! Listening does help me, “kick anxiety, self-doubt, and stress” to the curb. Her voice is soothing and effective; my favorite time to listen is just before sleep. I have found the healthy mindset that’s resulted from these short moments to be integral to my creative process.



The Rise Podcast, by Rachel Hollis



A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief, by Julie Bogart


Over at Alicia’s, by Alicia Hutchinson

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