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Use Social Distancing Wisely: Become a Better Writer!

Seven years ago I set out to get serious about my writing. My dream to tell stories, construct beautiful sentences, and write entire books became a passion. I wanted to be a better writer without stopping life to get an MFA. So, I hit the library for books on writing. I listened to Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and On Writing by Stephen King on Audible. I discovered a category of books on “writing craft” to help me learn plot structure, characterization, and how to write within a genre. As a result, my world expanded and so did my prose. And, in the years that followed, I’ve voraciously studied the craft, hired a coach, and collaborated with other professional writers.

Studying the writer’s craft has undoubtedly made me a better writer.

Plotting Your Novel with The Plot Clock

Last year two other authors, Jamie Morris and Joyce Sweeney co-authored a book with me, based on a workshop the two of them developed. Tamara Sharkey of Moongirl Art illustrated our cover and Ryan G. VanCleave who wrote Memoir Writing for Dummies and The Weekend Book Proposal wrote our foreword. This collaborative and fun project brought me full circle––it’s been an amazing journey to go from studying the writer’s craft to co-authoring a book on the subject!

book cover Plotting Your Novel with The Plot Clock
We loved our cover designers: Tamara Sharkey and Stephen Sharkey, who did the graphic layout.

The Writer’s Craft Super Stack

Our little book has done well this year, helping writers plot their stories and pace the timing of the emotional development of their characters. And then, Infostacks announced that The Writer’s Craft Super Stack is coming out one more time before it’s retired forever––and they chose Plotting Your Novel with The Plot Clock to be in it!

The writer's craft super stack graphic

If you haven’t heard of these before, these bundles compile books and courses that total a crazy high value and sell them at a significantly reduced rate, offering a chance for someone who wants to learn ALOT around a given subject a chance to access a supercharged collection for a price they’d only dream of. 

What do I mean? Well, this Writer’s Craft Superstack is worth $4,162.61. That’s what it would cost if all that it includes was sold separately at the regular retail price. But it’s not going to cost anyone with the link that price, because of the co-op bundle opportunity. It’s like getting an entire and extensive college term on writing for the price of one book.

This bundle makes a great gift if you personally aren’t a writer

The Writer’s Craft Super Stack includes over 50 amazing eCourses, premium software tools, bestselling ebooks, and discounts on essential writing services (from editing to cover design and more). It’s a college term in a single swoop!

  • 19 bestselling eBooks and 19 premium workshops, masterclasses and training programs that cover everything from writing children’s picture books to romance novels and page-turning thrillers.
  • Discover the storytelling secrets Netflix uses to make binge-worthy television shows and how to get your characters into line with advice from award-winning authors.
  • 8 exclusive trials for best-in-class software to help you outline your novel, plan your writing and become a productivity machine.
  • 3 exclusive coupons on writer-related resources, including a HALF OFF professional cover design, book formatting, and more, all designed to help your books fly off Amazon’s shelves. 
  • And trust me––there’s a cookie jar more full of writerly goodies.

When writing is your passion, you look for advice from the experts.

This is the bundle I wish I’d had back when I first started studying craft. For instance, I’m sure I’ve spent close to the retail value of this bundle over the years, not only on books and workshops but also in hours spent hunting good resources down. It’s a hard-knock life knowing there’s a story inside that you aren’t sure how best to express––and writing craft is how to get it out. This bundle is like the whole library category coming home to me!

Oh!! I almost forgot. There’s even a manuscript review included in here. If you’ve ever shopped that service, you know already this is a huge value.

 This week, you can get everything for only $49.

After this week, March 26, this bundle will be over. As I said, this is a great gift for a writer, if that’s not you. There’s a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. So why not spend the self-quarantine days of COVID-19 studying to become a better writer? Invest in yourself and your work. You’re worth it.

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