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Interstellar Movie Review

Dear Madeleine, I saw Interstellar today and I think you would love what the kids did with your Tesseract. The actual human discovery process of a wrinkle in time has probably never been quite so realistic, so believable, or so poignant. Remembering that Christopher Nolan is the same director who left his audiences gasping from the spinning top ending of Inception creates fantastic suspense and breathless dread. I won’t spoil his choice to repeat that stunt or not. You’d love Murph- she’s your Meg, only better. Girls who love science have a great character there. I got so completely lost within the story that I completely lost track of time and, until travel into wormholes and fifth dimensions is real, the power of story and great writing will simply have to do. Love, Tia ‪#‎moviereviews‬

P.S- for those interested- completely clean movie, intense, inspiring, no wordie-dirties, and more great acting than one movie usually contains.

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Memorial Park in Riverside, WWI Commemoration

Memorial Park in Riverside, WWI Commemoration

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