I’m T S. Levings and I write.

A little bit about me: I’m an extroverted-INFJ and a 4 on the Enneagram. I love nature, beauty, good food, and people. I look for stories everywhere, keep “Farmer’s Hours” and also keep my day job. I practice Deep Work. I like active verbs, hashtag challenges, and creative space. I often unplug and just go outside.

As a child I dreamed of one day becoming a mom and a writer. Now, my family is just about raised and launched and there’s more time to write. Which is great because I’ve never had a shortage of words.

I did though, go through years without being able to express my voice. That story is my current Work In Progress #1: a memoir about my life within, and escape from, fundamentalism and the protestant patriarchy. I’m also hard at work co-authoring a book about the plot method that revolutionized my writing. My day job is as a Creative Marketer for Brave Writer, a homeschool writing company that emphasizes that we, “Live Honestly, Write Bravely.” I also write short stories, very bad (but earnest!) poetry, draw, paint, film, and photograph.

My word to the wise for anyone balancing a vibrant creative life: look for ways your passions overlap and inform one another.

Thanks for visiting my site! Come connect with me on Instagram: @TSLevingsWriter

In pencil, ink, and pages-




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