Tia Levings, Writer

Hi, I’m Tia S. Levings, a writer aspiring and actively working towards the promotion to Author. Welcome to my website. What you’ll find here is a collection of my favorite thoughts and images; I treat my site as a sort of online scrapbook where I curate the resources and inspiration that are helping me on my quest.

My current works-in-progress include a novel, working title: Hindsight. I’ve been chiseling away at this work for three years and have recently begun a structural edit of the third draft with my editor/coach. This will be the third novel I’ve written but only first that I realistically hope to share in the light of day. Learning how to do it well has been a life-defining journey and one I can’t quit, no matter how many bad days or dashed pages along the way. I also write and refine short stories– to give away as a holiday gift to friends and family, per the advice of Anne Lamott in Bird By Bird, who urged writers to consider ways other than publication with which to share their work, and also in contests, which I find to be a compelling prod to continue to work on craft.

I’m on Facebook and Instagram, so come say hi.

In pencil, ink, and pages-