Join the Gathering

When you come from high-control, you know some things just aren’t suited for social media.

When you join the GATHERING (for free), you’ll join my personal rebellion and resistance against the patriarch’s prophesy: that unless I obeyed, I’d be excommunicated, shunned, and disenfranchised from community forever.

Spoiler alert! I didn’t obey. I was excommunited. I was shunned. But when I continued writing my story and sharing it online, I wasn’t disenfranchised forever. I found you.

Lots of “yous.” As attendance plummets in churches worldwide, pastors and elders are scratching their heads about the reasons why without taking a hard look in the mirror. But if you found me through the hashtags #exevangelical or #relioustrauma or #traumasurvivor, you know what’s going on.

The Gathering grants you access to more behind-the-scenes content than I can share in social media posts. It’s where I share the ups and downs of the memoir journey as well as the depths of my bulldog commitment to myself to heal, reclaim and feel whole again.

You’ll also get access to my Work in Progress Vault: a resource library I’m adding to as quickly as I can. The problem with creating content on the abuses in Christian Fundamentalism and the healing journey after is not material, friends. It’s time. Opt-in once and you get it all, as well as exclusive content coming as my memoir nears release.

I live a whole-hearted, bare-footed shining life now, patriarchy be damned. And my favorite thing of all is to gather and bring you with me.

Foxy, not fundie,