Creative Nonfiction

I never expected to write a memoir. While I’ve lived through a doozy of a personal story, I wasn’t sure how best to tell it. I knew it needed to be shared though, if for no other reason than in telling it, I might help someone else who finds themselves on a similar path through domestic violence, oppressive fundamentalism, and the protestant patriarchy.

I waited until I healed from PTSD. I waited until trauma isn’t the one telling that story: I AM.

This project is currently my most dominant Work in Progress. Following my writing coach’s advice, which I highly value, I’m working a book proposal I’ll pitch to agents beginning in January of 2019.


One of my favorite creative playgrounds is Hit Record. It’s collaborative place on the web where creators like me can make things, remix others, and participate in big projects we might not otherwise have access to. For example, they made an TV show that won an Emmy, a U.S National Park Preservation Campaign, and a documentary for the ACLU.

My favorite aspect of Hit Record is that its allows me to explore mediums and expressions that I might not default to when I have an idea. Such as:

  • Joining a team of comedy writers to create and develop a hilarious podcast series. Podpast: 1991 will release a proof-of-concept episode later in the fall of 2018.
  • Participating in a bold, honest and irreverent mini web series on sex education called The Encyclopedia of Lydia. Heads up, it’s PG-13 if you are sensitive that way.
  • Contributing to a series called On Mornings, published on  I wrote part V of Morning Companions about this puppy:


The aforementioned fat pig of a puppy…