What They Said

For years I coached and wrote for business professionals in the early days of blogging. The following is a collection of testimonials from those days (and nights!) of ghost writing, website building, and social media strategizing.


Rod Eichhorn, 2012, Sales performance coach focusing on selling against price: 

I would recommend Tia for any writing assignment. She posses a great deal of knowledge. More importantly, she can use her knowledge and apply it to any new topic.

She was very personable and helpful. She helped to educate me on the “how to” part of writing good content for Google searches.

She also cared about her assignment and wanted to provide the best word she could deliver. I remember one time out of the blue she sent me an email offering some good advice and recommendations. She also helped me be accountable to give her good background material.

From a customer service aspect she was dedicated. Even when she was down with an illness, she made sure all the bases were covered.

Bottom line: Very skillful person dedicated to produce good work!

Ben Burns, Chief Executive Officer, 2011 

Tia is amazing! My best advice for anyone who needs copy written, hire Tia

Tray Dunaway, M.D, Healthcare Keynote Speaker

Tia is an amazing Blog Mistress. Her recommendations are expert and simplifies the whole blogging process and is helping me to drag me into the internet age with as little screaming and kicking as possible.

Clint Stonebreaker, Substance Abuse Treatment Provider & Motivational Speaker

Tia was recommended to me earlier this year. As a result of Tia’s work, my blog looks good, garners attention for my business, and adds to my ability to reach more people. Tia has been very patient with me and has risen above any of my expectations. I highly recommend Tia.

Richard Hadden, Author & International Leadership Speaker

Tia took us from nowhere, in terms of knowledge and application of blogs, to having a blog we’re very pleased with. She’s been patient with our lack of expertise, flexible, gracious, and always a pleasure to work with. She taught us what we need to know about the technical aspects of blogging, as well as the behind-the-scenes stuff so we could make our blog more accessible, and accomplish our goals with respect to the blog. If you’re looking to have a blog, and can’t do it yourself (kind of like cutting your own hair – probably not a good idea), you can’t go wrong with Tia.

Bill Catlette, Business & Workplace Author, Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach

Tia is a conscientious professional and a joy to work with.She built and has maintained our blog (ContentedCowblog.com) since the start, leaving my partner and I free to do what we do best. We like her work, and the way she goes about it.

Marsha Petrie Sue, Author & Leadership Speaker on Personal Responsibility 

Tia has helped me go from a non performing Blog – to one that is read. Her expertise has helped me write and post topical blogs.

Beth Terry, Motivational Speaker

When we got started, Tia took the time to understand what I needed in my blog. She gives great advice and feedback on current trends and conditions in the blogosphere. I’ve hired her as an ongoing Blogsultant and am very pleased with her work. I highly recommend her. But remember, I saw her first!